Going down…

My weight, that is.

I am now 13st 2.5lbs, the lowest I have been in a long time and into the ‘overweight’ rather than ‘obese’ category.  It still feels like a very long way to go, especially with Christmas on the horizon, but definitely proud of the change that I have made so far.  When I last measured I had lost a grand total of 7 inches too, and my body shape has changed for the better.  I just need to ensure the Baileys, biscuits, Baileys, chocolate, Baileys, kettle chips, Baileys, cheese and erm….Baileys don’t undo all that hard work.

I was due to have my gallbladder out yesterday, which after being ouchy and grumpy for so long I was all geared up for.  My bag was packed, had spoken to my 4 year old about it, said goodbye to my workmates until January-and then it was cancelled.  I am waiting on a new date for it, but the juggling of work/childcare etc is a nightmare and just hoping it will work itself out when the time comes, and that the time isn’t too far away.


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