Dodgy gallbladder, fatty liver

Well, it has been a long time since I posted.  My health hasn’t been great, I’ve had pain that radiates right through my back and also a crippling stabbing pain in my ribs. I was referred for a scan and it has shown that my gallbladder is inflamed, and possibly has gallstones although they can’t say for sure as the inflamation made the images less clear.  My liver enzymes are also not working properly and thus my liver is fatty.  Sounds glam, eh?!  Problems with the liver function can make weight loss hard, which explains why I have been struggling even when I’ve been eating healthily.

This has been a kick up the butt for me though. People who have problems with their gallbladder are apparently more at risk of heart attacks.  This scares me witless as my Dad died of a heart attack when I was just a few months older than my son is now.  I have really cut back on the less healthy food, and am trying to ensure that any ‘junk’ I do eat is lower fat.

My actual weigh had been sneaking up again and is now on the downward slide again.  I was 13st 6lbs when I stepped on the scales on Monday.  I need to lose weight as it is likely I will need to have the gallbladder removed and that can’t happen if it is inflamed as it would cause complications.  The doctor says to aim for losing 14lbs to start with, I just know that I need to get proactive and do something about it as it scares me to think that my health could be endangered.  No chocolate bar is worth missing out on watching my boy growing up for.

Please support me on this journey as it is scary and tough.  I am petrified about going to hospital, I have only ever been for scans before and never had an operation or stayed overnight.  I’ve never had a general anaesthetic.  I hate needles.  The thought of having any kind of cut to my body makes me feel nauseous.  But I keep reminding myself that it is just one small op and hopefully health and my life would be better as a result.



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