How I know I am getting thinner (the arm test)

I stood infront of the mirror today.  Naked.  I’m not one of these people who spends hours looking at themselves, preening and pouting.  I barely look in the mirror when I put on my make up, and mastered the art of taking out contact lenses without using a reflective image many years ago.

Yet today, before getting dressed, I stood there and looked.  And I am definitely getting thinner.  The sides of my waist are going in.  One way I know this for a fact is the arm test.  When I used to stand up and look at myself when I was at my heaviest (very rarely, my aversion to mirrors at this point was extreme), I had a definite nipped in bit at my middle, which I assume was a waist of sorts.  Yet my arms would be hanging down and touching every part of the length of my body. Today I stood there and they didn’t.  My waist is thinner.  I pursed my lips together and squeezed from my shoulders, but the elbowy bit of my arms still wouldn’t touch my waist.  There was daylight between them!  Small victory to start off the day.

I then went to the bathroom to weigh myself, and here came small victory number 2.  The scales said 13st 6.25lbs.  Half a pound lighter than last week.  That is probably a fair loss.  I haven’t been strictly following a healthy eating plan, although have minimised snacks and had healthier main meals.  I’ve been doing more walking again too, as taking the little guy to school is over half a mile and uphill on the way.  So on the days I don’t work, I am doing about 2.5 miles walking a day over what I would normally do. 

I need to get back to trying my hardest with this now though.  I am edging closer to being ‘overweight’ rather than ‘obese’ according to my BMI and am determined that I can reach that sooner rather than later.  It is only 3lbs more to lose.  That is my next mini goal-hopefully within a fortnight!


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