Pizza and pain

Those of you who know me, know that I have been struggling with IBS-D for years.  It has been getting progressively worse, and now when I get a flare up I don’t just get stomach aches and diarrhoea, I also get physical sickness, heartburn, shakes, fever and painful trapped wind.  This is what happened on Saturday.  I was in complete agony, laid up in bed for the best part of 6 hours.  It was one of the worst bouts I have ever had, I felt faint and was in such terrible pain.

And the reason for it?  Pizza, from a local take away.  I had it as a ‘treat’ on Friday night, despite knowing that it often makes me feel ill.  Why do I do it?  Partly because I feel that after being good all week I deserve a treat.  Partly because my husband likes to have a take away, and pizza is cheaper than the other options.  Partly because I love pizza dough!  But I know that cheese is a big culprit in causing me to feel like this.  I hardly eat it at all now, except for cheese sauces which contain a minimal amount of cheese.  My stomach went into complete spasm, and then a whole day was lost.  I really need to learn from this, but my willpower is actually very weak.  I want to lose weight without having to give up foods I like.  I want my IBS to magically go away.

I know though that this isn’t going to happen.  I need to be disciplined, to see weight loss as a process that will take time and will have blips.  To remember that I do have a medical condition that limits the foods I can eat without causing myself pain.

Tomorrow is a fasting day for me, and I am travelling back home to Wales.  I am hoping that with plenty of drinks I won’t miss the food too much as I’ll be busy trying to entertain my 4 year old on the journey. We’ll see!  I have been eating the right amount of calories, but still feeling bloated and windy this week, IBS or my body adjusting to the changes in my diet?


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