10 reasons I want to lose weight

1) My clothes are all too tight.

2) My little boy starts school next month and I don’t want to be the ‘Fat Mum’.

3) I have been struggling with IBS for years, and it has been getting progressively worse.  I wonder if losing weight and modifying my diet may help with this.

4) Working in a nursery, there is a big emphasis on babies.  I have been asked numerous times if I am pregnant-I don’t want to look like I am about to drop!  I want to be thin!

5) I want to feel sexy!  I don’t feel remotely attractive at the moment and this needs to change or it is going to affect my mental health as well as my physical health.

6) When I look in the mirror I don’t look how I envisage myself to look.

7) I don’t want to suffer health problems due to my weight.  With a history of early heart attacks in my family I don’t want to increase my risk -along with the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes…

8) I would like to be able to walk/run more again.  This is definitely easier the lighter I am (I know this from experience).  When I get to 13st I plan to join a gym and start the C25K again (IBS means it is hard to get out and run on the streets)

9) I am going to become a Godmother on October 28th.  I want to look good for my own confidence, and also I am aware that I am going to be a role model of sorts for Rebecca.  I want to be a healthy, curvy woman.  Proactive and in control.

10)I am fed up of being unhappy about my weight.  This time I need to make the change for good.  I need to prove to myself I have staying power and determination.


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