My new blog

Well, yet another weight loss journey for me, and yet another blog.

I have been battling my weight my whole life.  In Junior School I was bullied for being fat, then in Secondary School I was on the verge of an eating disorder as my confidence was extremely low.  By University I fely humungous, when realistically I was a size 14 and around 11st.  I yoyoed my way through my 20s, with my lowest weight being 9st 4lbs after following a Weightwatchers plan and my highest being 14st 9lbs when my little boy was having lots of medical tests in the first year of his life. Now, as I approach 33, I am 13st 10lbs, but am ashamed to say my dress size is an 18-20. 

Looking back, I do think there is an element of me being ‘big boned’.  I am not designed to be a thin, waif like girl.  I am a chunky girl.  But I don’t want to be as chunky as this.

I like vintage clothes, infact I LOVE vintage clothes, but it is harder to get these in larger sizes without paying vast amounts of money.  I have had a few photos taken recently and been upset with how I look in them.  I have 3 chins!  These are all reasons that have spurred me on, along with an influx of friends also trying to lose weight.

This time last year I was training for the Shine marathon, and I was definitely thinner despite weighing around the same.  However, my IBS has been terrible this year, there is no way I can run out on the streets as I need to be near a toilet at all times!  I am hoping to rejoin a gym in the not too distant future so I can focus on running again.

So, my starting weight is 13st 10lbs.  My initial goal is to get to 13st exactly, so 10lbs to go.  In an ideal world I’d like to do this before I become a Godmother on the last Sunday in October, which gives me 10 weeks-definitely possible.

I have also taken some measurements today, I won’t take these on a weekly basis, but plan to take them maybe monthly.

R.Bicep-13.5 in

L.Bicep-12 in

Fullest part of bust-44 in

Under bust-38 in

Waist at thinnest point-37 in

Tummy at largest point-48 in

R.thigh-23 in

L.thigh-22 in

So, weigh day will be Friday.  I am going to try and ease my way into sensible eating again, and have reduced my calories the last 2 days to around 1000.  I’d like to do the 5-2 diet for a few weeks to try and kickstart my metabolism after all the positive press, but unsure if I can hit the 500 max cals so it may be more like 800 cals.  Either way, it will be less than I would normally eat!

Wish me luck…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. phatcupcake
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 20:58:18

    You can do this Kate!! xxxxx


  2. Kim
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 21:09:59

    Good luck hon! We’re all right behind you 🙂 xxx


  3. Lex
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 21:33:42

    You’re not alone 🙂 the hardest part of a journey is always the first few steps. Happy to be taking this journey with you x


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